Rug Care


Rug Pads: 

Use of a high-quality rug pad is recommended to lessen the risk of slipping and also to protect your rug and flooring. 

At Home Care:

We recommend regular "dusting" of your rug. Because handmade rugs can be damaged by use of an upright vacuum with a rotating brush or beater bar, we recommend gently vacuuming your rug with a suction-only canister vacuum or using an upholstery attachment. Remember to always vacuum side-to-side (the width of the rug) and not length-wise so that you do not pull on the threads that make up the fringes of your rug. 

An excellent method to dislodge dirt or debris from your rug is the time-honored method of shaking the rug outdoors. 


We recommend having your rug cleaned only by a professional rug cleaner specializing in handmade rugs. 

Rugs should be cleaned semi-regularly to extend the lifespan of your rug. While the frequency may depend on your level of activity, we clean our own rugs once a year. 

Spills or stains should be addressed quickly, especially pet accidents as these can permanently damage your rug if not treated.